Thirty Years of Public Service

Providing nationwide training, protection, risk-assessment strategies, and security solutions to partners since 1991.


We are Muffler Consulting, LLC, dedicated to expertise in public-and-private-sector physical security solutions. With nearly three decades of experience in the United States Federal Marshals Service and in the private sector as a consultant, Mr. Muffler and associates provide risk assessment services ranging from on-site evaluation, development of tailored facility-security procedures, authoring protective training programs and curriculums, and proactive risk-mitigation consultation.

John F. Muffler, M.S.

John Muffler is an accomplished law enforcement professional with more than 28-years experience in the field with an emphasis on high-level security. Mr. Muffler served the United States Federal Marshals Service as its Assistant Chief Deputy, as Administrator for its National Center for Judicial Security, and as a Chief Inspector. In addition to his capacity with the Federal Marshal Service, where he was tasked with protecting hundreds of personnel, facilities, and federal judges, he has worked in the private sector to support the development of national-level protection plans, the development of physical security programs, and developing comprehensive risk-assessment tools for a variety of clients. 

Mr. Muffler’s experience with the federal government and knowledge of the Clery Act, Title IX, HIPAA, and FERPA, differentiate his approach to physical security and protective procedures and enable him to streamline best practices in security. Examples of his work include the development and use of multi-disciplinary threat assessment teams that advise hundreds of schools and workplaces on protective, prevention, and intervention approaches related to behavioral violence; the development of the Department of Homeland Security’s national-level Active Shooter Preparedness curriculum; and, ongoing counsel and advisement for clients on short and long-term threat case management strategies.

In addition to his professional services, John volunteers his expertise for victims of harassment, stalking and violence. After the Parkland, FL, mass-casualty event, he volunteered time for a family of one of the victims in addition to traveling to Washington, offering guidance, and meeting with various United States senators and congressmen with the goal of establishing national school safety/security standards of prevention, intervention and target hardening. 

Mr. Muffler received his Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice from Temple University, Master of Science in Criminal Justice from St. Joseph's University, and is a graduate of the Naval Postgraduate School Executive Leadership Program.